Boarding Packages

Westlake Animal Inn

39564 US Hwy. 19 North
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689


Westlake Animal Inn Pet Resort & Grooming in Tarpon Springs, FL - Boarding Packages

Beautiful, spacious cat and dog boarding facility. Luxury suites available with cable TV and plush bedding. Boarding packages available to meet your pets needs. Veterinarian on site at Westlake Animal Hospital.



Classic Care:

3 daily walks

A- 0-25 lbs. $24.00 per night

B- 26-50 lbs. $25.00 per night

C- 51-75 lbs. $26.00 per night

D- 75-up lbs. $27.00 per night

Playful Pup:

2 daily walks + Group or private playtime

F- 0-25 lbs. $26.00 per night

G- 26-50 lbs. $27.00 per night

H- 51-75 lbs. $28.00 per night

I- 75-up lbs. $29.00 per night

Dogs Dream:

3 daily walks + Group or private playtime and departure bath, nail trim and ear cleaning

J- 0-25 lbs. $30.00 per night

L- 26-50 lbs. $31.00 per night

M- 51-75 lbs. $32.00 per night

N- 75-up lbs. $33.00 per night

Luxury Dog Suites:

Private Room with cable TV, Plush bedding, web cam access, 3 daily walks + group or private playtime + departure bath, nail trim & ear cleaning

$50.00 per night (any weight/size)

Kitty Cats Cottage

E- All Cats $17.00 per night

*All cats are let out during the day for sunbathing and free time!

Exotic Pets and Small Birds

$10.00 per night 

(Owner is required to bring own cage, food and bedding).

Additional Information: Multiple Pet Discount, Extended Stay Discount, Day Boarding Available. Our facility does NOT breed discriminate.


Canine Boarding Requirements include: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Influenza H3N2/H3N8 and a Fecal test. (The Influenza vaccine and Fecal test are not required for grooming)


Feline Boarding & Grooming Requirement include: Rabies & Feline Distemper