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Westlake Animal Inn Pet Resort & Grooming in Tarpon Springs, FL - Exotic Pet Boarding

Bunny Rabbit

Exotics Pets and Small Birds

$14 per night

From feathers to fur, Westlake Animal Inn gladly welcomes pets of various species to our practice, including those of the avian, reptilian and small mammalian families. Just like dogs and cats, it is recommended that all exotic pets should have wellness exams at least once a year, and not just when they're sick. Westlake Animal Inn takes pride in treating your pets as our own and will work to ensure your pet remains as comfortable as possible while visiting.

We require you to bring any specific bedding material, cage food, toys, and heaters you think might make your pet feel more at home. We will take care of the rest!


10% Multiple Pet Discount & Extended Stay Discount.

Pig Parrot exotic pet